Tuesday, 27 February 2007


Grrrrrrr... I am really starting to hate the Publisher extension of ArcGIS 9.0. God knows how many times I've tried to "compress and lock" my shapefiles but the goddamn extension won't let me do it.

Gotta upgrade to 9.2 very, very soon before I lose it. But then I'm going to have figure out what a "file geodatabase" is.... ugh. Thanks ESRI, thanks for nothing.


Anonymous said...

Bitter are we?

Carlos said...

Yeah, it was a frustrating day. ;)

Anonymous said...

Consider 9.1 if you're reluctant to go all the way to 9.2, but whatever you do, get off of 9.0. Least stable ESRI release ever. And don't let the FGDB scare you. The benefits are worth the very short learning curve.