Friday, 15 June 2007

Cool Facebook app: Where I've Been

I've recently joined Facebook and like many others, I've been sucked in. Badly. (Not at work. Honestly. Open office = too many people can see my monitor = bad work impressions. And I've got waaaaay too much to do.)

Anyway, one of the coolest 3rd party applications I've tried out is "Where I've Been", a very cool little Flash map of the world. In the words of Craig Ulliott's , the developer of "Where I've Been", here's its description:

A detailed, interactive world map, [to] show everyone where you’ve been, where you have lived and where you want to go.

It includes a zoom tool with simple click and pan functionality. It also has all the US States, Canadian Provinces and other international regions; it is not limited to only countries. There is no need to create an account on any third party site.

Simple and efficient. I like it. Here's a screenshot of my map - RED: where I've lived, BLUE - where I've been, GREEN - where I want to go.

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