Friday, 10 August 2012

When someone tells me they are starting the BCIT GIS Advanced Diploma Program in September.

(It's not that bad, really. Unless you hate programming and haven't taken any courses before entering the full-time program. Say goodbye to a normal sleep schedule!)

BCIT GIS Advanced Diploma Program

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Moment of Silence for all those....

(HT Convoy)

Pool Safety [infographic]

As a former lifeguard, this Infographic from the Daily Infographic is great....

Pool Safety [infographic]:
I’ve been doing a lot of laying out by the pool, so naturally I found this infographic about pools. Luckily the people at our complex take good care of our pool, and we don’t have a lot of children swimming. But in other settings, pool safety is serious business.
Many horror stories have been told of people getting their hair caught in pumps and drowning. Little did I know, people can drown from simply having their body pulled down by the filtration system. The infographic suggests you do a spatula maneuver to wedge the victim free in these cases. I must admit I didn’t know it was possible to be stuck there, usually when I swim to the bottom the suction is very weak. Also my apologies the infographic seems to only focus on the state of Washington, but I’m sure this info is somewhat applicable everywhere else. [Via]
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Monday, 13 February 2012

Swimming near/on thin sea ice (Norway)

Love this video making the rounds of the Internets this week. Combines two of my favorite things... skating & swimming. Kudos to Sports Illustrated for posting this on their blog. Enjoy.